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Prohibited Content

You may not upload, link to or otherwise make available any of the following content, unless explicit permission has been granted by the site owner:

Content that is licensed in the United States or the EU, or has been officially translated and made available non-free in English in any way.
Content containing watermarks or advertisment. (Excluding those from scanlators, scanners and content producers.) Illegal material that break the law in the US or the EU.
Potential harmful material with the purpose of causing damage, including physical or emotional damage. This includes but is not limited to malware and viruses.
Content containing realistically drawn or 3D lolicon/shotacon or any depiction that resembles an underage character is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to pho
to-realistic works. It must be immediately and unambiguously clear it references an unrealistic and virtual character. Content with the a focus on the following:

Extreme forms of: Abuse, guro, mutilation, scat or other obscene content.
Furry, monsters and other non-humans. At least one character (preferably the female) should be humanoid.
Toddlercon, or worse.

Furthermore, you agree that:

You will provide, within your best effort, proper and complete tags, describing the work and it’s contents, with extra attention to content that can be considered extreme or shocking. (e.g. lolicon, futanari, scat)
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The above but with ‘worldwide’ replaced by ‘universal’ and including ‘to infinity and beyond’ somewhere.
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